Our Educational Philosophy

  Spiral education not layered


The Committee of Preparation of the Educational Program took into account the weight that is endured by the basic medical sciences in establishing the scientific bases for an efficient doctor. The Commission adopted the idea of horizontal and main integration between basic and clinical medical sciences to the student to discover the information that he needs. Then to understand the phenomenon or the dysfunction of the affected member, and so enables him to understand the mechanism of the disease and then prevent it from happening or change the course of the natural history of the disease under study.

  Integrated model of Teaching in various specializations

Medicine is practiced through scientific rules extended through basic medical and clinical sciences, using modern evidence-based medical information in all practices to solve the common health problems of individuals and society.

Producing a wise Muslim doctor 

The medical profession is practiced in a literal and ethical manner for the Muslim doctor following the ethical and social rules and laws. As well as the rules of the Islamic religion in the treatment of the patients and their family.

  Problem-based Learning


Graduates gain scientific and professional possibilities that enable them to develop solutions to problems as well as the practice of transformative medicine for fields that cannot be solved through traditional methods.

 Student-centered learning

Al-Rayan Medical Colleges established a program so that the main focus is the student. Giving them an opportunity to acquire self-learning pleasure, discover the real need of the information needed to solve the health problems under study so that they can achieve the goal of reducing the huge amount of medical information that is taught in the traditional curriculum. This also helps to increase the student’s ability to use learning resources easily with the ability to store and retrieve information at the right time and increase his personal skills in self-learning making him able to learn throughout his life.


Medical professional practice passed primarily on the professional doctor’s skills that depend on various factors. Which includes the ability to communicate, collect and use information, systematic detection and using different means to the diagnosis and treatment. For this the education programs give enough time to develop those skills using either modern technology within simulation laboratories or through giving them the opportunity to discuss and care for patient in various health care centers since the early stages of the program. The goal from that is to prepare the students to enter early and directly into the specialized program in the Kingdom or out of the Kingdom easily and safely.

University Hospital:

The university hospital is one of the important needs in providing medical education services to students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and health sciences through its distinguished hospital educational character. It includes all medical specialties. Its clinical capacity of 350 beds in addition to its location near the main building of AL-Rayan Medical College is of an important consideration. The design of the university hospital is identical to the specifications of the university educational hospitals including lecture classes, educational presentations and a comprehensive medical library.