Integrated University City

Colleges Location:

Al-Rayan Medical Colleges are distinguished by being strategically located just a 25 minute away from Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz airport and Al-haram train station also Al- hijra highway. The same road that goes to Jeddah and Makkah. This educational huge building is built on an area of 71370 square meters. The college buildings are located on an area of 160 thousand meters. The colleges accommodate 5,000 male students and 5,000 female students.

 Classroom halls:

Al-Rayan Medical colleges is keen to provide the best interactive educational environment. That is supported by advanced educational techniques such as electronic platform that is connected to the internet, lecture management system, data projector, and interactive board. This environment aims to provide a distinctive and pioneering education through providing an appropriate number of students for each classroom ;( 25 students) with a total of 128 classrooms that are fully equipped. Each classroom has panels programmed with the name of lecturer and lecture.

Language and computer lab


With the development of technology, Al-Rayan Medical Colleges have equipped the latest language labs and computer provided with advanced electronic devices, as well as the addition of certain means for the students to learn the skills of computer skills,. With number of languages and computer equipped labs ( 12 labs). The laboratory can accommodate 25 students, 300 devices in all laboratories.



Laboratories are an integral part of the medical education system. Therefore, 40 laboratories are equipped with the latest measuring instruments and analysis systems. In these laboratories it is possible to conduct scientific experiments, tests and measurements under standard and controllable conditions. The lab can accommodate 25 students. It includes blood disease laboratory, microbiology laboratory, parasitology lab, and laboratory of histology – clinical pathology laboratory. Many laboratories serve the educational process for students.

Health Unit


The college’s health unit provides the best first aid services for all faculty members and students in a healthy environment with the latest equipment. In addition, it provides professional medical team. It also has a fully equipped ambulance to transport patients in case of an emergency in a safe and rapid way.


Conference Hall


Al-Rayan Medical College’s conference hall is located in a modern and luxurious hall. It could accommodates 1400 person , with an area of 1000 m 2. It is equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment, which enable the audience to fully enjoy attending conferences, celebrations and public events.

Mosque and Prayer rooms

Al-Rayan Medical Colleges built a mosque in a modern Islamic style, as well as a number of prayer rooms within the colleges gathering together education and religion side by side in order to provide a quiet spiritual place prepared for worship with serenity and tranquility.


The Restaurant:

The management of the restaurant at Al-Rayan Medical College provides full service to the students, faculty members and employees in process of supporting the development, and to provide a good quality of meals and food items. As well as, to provide a suitable atmosphere for its visitors through an experienced and trained team. This is provided through three restaurants at the university. It also takes the responsibility to provide the supplies for the dorm and to store them. .

Residential Units:


Residential buildings have been constructed with halls and rooms equipped with all amenities for students of Al-Rayan medical colleges and employees. As it is considered a facility and one of the advantages offered by the colleges to its employees where students spend their free time alone or as a group, in accordance with the general rules and regulations of the college. As the second home of the students, it is very important to raise optimism and spirituality, and maintain spiritual and psychological reassurance. In addition, it is important to raise the intellectual development and personal enhancement of the students; and to increase the academic level of students..



Parking space has been allocated for cars of the faculty and students equipped with permanent surfaces with asphalt, concrete and gravel in the pavement of the parking lot. In addition, shaded parking spaces are available using the latest types of umbrellas. They are also lighted by high nighttime lamps. The numbers of parking spaces are up to 1000 parking slots, and 150 shaded parking spots.

Green Fields:

Green fields minimize the circulation of dust and humidity in the atmosphere surrounding the college that helps to temper the heat of the atmosphere especially in the summer. It also creates nice scenery that helps students to relax, re-energize and focus when walking between the facilities of colleges. The green spaces cover a wide area of more than 17,000 square meters of college land, giving the public the beauty and comfort.


Students and faculty members who join sports activities will find at Al-Rayan medical colleges halls and sports facilities equipped with the latest sports equipment. It contains two closed and covered playgrounds designed to practice various kinds of sports. One for male students, and the other one for female students. There is also an indoor swimming pool designed to be in line with the international standards of the Olympic swimming pools. In addition, there are basketball courts as well as volleyball court. There is also a gym and a sauna.

The mall

Al-Rayan Medical Colleges offers its employees a complete mall, so that the students feel that the colleges are an integrated city. The mall is the preferred destination for shopping for everything, therefore, providing a variety of international brands, restaurants and cafes. In addition, there is a complete banking services, groceries, stationery needs, and shops for servicing mobile phones and other devices. All the needs of the student are located under the roof of the mall.