Health Sciences & Nursing College

The departments of the college aim to prepare distinctive students in applied specialties, and to enrich the field of work with graduates that have competitive abilities. This is in order to meet the growing demand and meet the need of the community of qualified health staff in various fields of diagnostic and preventive medicine. As well as to keep pace with the evolving desired health service. Also to improve the scientific and technical progress in the health fields in general. The College of Health Sciences includes the following academic sections:

This program aims to provide students with the necessary scientific and practical qualifications; to enable them to carry out laboratory tests, analyze and interpret their results. The program covers the theoretical and practical aspects to train them to work in the relevant fields in the public and private sectors, as well as medical laboratories.

This program aims to contribute to improve the health care of the community through qualifying competitive specialists in the field of radiological sciences and medical imaging. This program provides an environment for learning, creativity, and producing scientific research that contributes to build a knowledgeable society.

The anesthesia program aims to graduate anesthetists to provide a distinguished standard of health care by international standards, and by the identity of our values and our Arab and Islamic traditions.