Extraordinary Academic Environment

  Simulation Center 

It is the largest simulation center in the Middle East. It is an integrated center that simulates the real hospital environment as it is where students are trained the medical applications and practices on high-evolution models. These models or dolls are programed to simulate the vital functions of humans. The center is supervised by qualified medical staff. The center includes a recovery room, emergency room, clinic, delivery room, neonatal room and virtual reality simulation room (VR).

 Digital University

TThe colleges and faculties are based on an integrated digital university that does not rely on paper. It is based on comprehensive integrated solutions for the management of the university which includes

  • tutional resources  management system
  • Student data system
  • Document management and management communications system
  • Learning management system
  • Electronic classes system
  • Library management system and electronic library
  • External and internal electronic portal
  • Performance analysis system and dashboard

Medical Library  

It is the largest medical library in the region with the latest publications of specialized scientific journals. The numbers of journals available in the library are 100 scientific journals and recent references. In addition to containing independent places for researchers equipped with computers connected to the internet network of 100 devices. The library also contains 10,000 books in various sciences and fields which were provided to raise the level of culture and knowledge among students and colleges. It has a subscription to all the global medical databases available through the Saudi digital library.

 Museum of Anatomy

The anatomy museum is a faculty advantage in which particular parts of the human body are displayed and exhibited in the form of models, 3D images and educational films. There are also real human body parts reserved. It is practiced by students and supervised by a qualified medical staff.