About Al-Rayan Colleges

Nowadays we witness amazing developmental movement all over the Kingdom’s universities. Dreams of yesterday are todays reality. Successes have been achieved. This vision was a dream of the leaders and thinkers of the city of Madinah, and now they have seen the dream came true. The dream has become a reality in the construction of Al-Rayan medical colleges. We are thankful to have an inspiring top management characters in the faculties capable of making critical strategic decisions in order to continuous improvement and development with the active participation of its employees.

We seek to achieve the vision and mission of the colleges of excellence in teaching and learning. As well as employ the skills of the twenty-first century to reflect this movement positively on our future medical education outcomes through academic programs, scientific research and the qualitative contribution to the production and dissemination of knowledge by the latest technology. This is in order to reach educational excellence, to instill a culture of quality and develop the student’s character. Also, to encourage innovation and build partnerships to build bridges of communication with local, regional and global community institutions.